Heart-warming moment vet comforts a scared, abandoned dog


by sitting in its cage and eating breakfast alongside it












‪#‎不離不棄‬ ‪#‎謝謝醫師你好棒‬ ‪#‎好溫暖‬







She was dumped in the middle of nowhere,


he said. 'She had a collar, so she was owned by somebody at some point.


Whoever was feeding her wasn't feeding her enough.


She was 20 pounds when we found her and probably should have weighed 30 to 35 pounds.'


But while Graycie was emotionally damaged when she was brought in —


so much so that Mathis has to share breakfast with her just to get her comfortable around people —


he says it doesn't get him down. 


'We've had dogs in the past that took up to six weeks to feel comfortable getting outside and then,


they love to play, they love other dogs and they love me,' Mathis told ABC News.


'It doesn't make me sad to see [dogs] broken and withdrawn because with time, I know what's possible.'


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